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            home                                              Grafton Blue 2014, 4:17

Film of installation in empty shop, Grafton Shopping Centre, Cambridge, part of 6 week Neuf residency (Changing Spaces). Projection on painted screen.The writing painted in chinese ink is a transcription of an overheard conversation


My first film InDissent was made during the 2003 anti war march in London. It was about the inside experience, the sense of being in the midst of this mass roar of revolt. It was a partner piece to a book made from film stills, and  comment and facts gleaned from the media. The book was designed so you had to ‘walk’ or travel through it. It was about catching a moment in time from a different perspective. After this I made KITCHEN which was an eerie film with a piercing soundtrack by sonic artist Andrew Brown, made from filming still lives in an empty kitchen. Both films were about observing the everyday that we fail to notice, the throwaway of daily life and events. This is an area that continues to interest me and informed other more formal films I have made since. Some of these have been filmed while I was working as a creative practitioner in different settings, others have been commissioned films documenting other artists working on residencies. I have filmed performances and plays. I directed, filmed, edited all these films myself.


NEUF is a video art group of which I am a member. We met on the excellent Experimental Video Art Course, a collaboration between Cambridge Film Consortium, Anglia Ruskin University and Kettles Yard. We, the participants, have meeting monthly for the past 7 years. We crit each others independent films and plan collaborative projects together. These take many different forms. One of our ongoing projects is the At Home series. We make site specific video in response to domestic settings and show in all the rooms in a particular house by invitation only. We are planning At Home 4 for the winter of this year 2014 in London. They are shown as installations and most of our work takes this form rather than films to be screened in cinemas.  We have also worked with a dancer Filipa Periera Stubbs, and Triptych who respond with sound live in various venues to our films. After a 3 day residency at Aid & Abet we continue to explore our medium and equipment in different settings. Our second experimental residency is taking place in February 2014 in the Changing Spaces shop at 10 Green Street Cambridge and in Autumn 2014 at 9 Norfolk Street. Members of Neuf

are from a diverse range of backgrounds and have successful practices in other fields also.



I am open to any kind of commissioned work

even if very small, from a promotional film for a charity or a website to acting as an extra camera or eye on larger scale projects. I also offer tuition in video editing.









M: +44 (0)7715569680


O Clock 2013, 4:18

A Cambridge terraced cottage off Maids Causeway, Cambridge. Inspired by photos around the house and screened in the sitting room over mantelpiece.


NEUF: At Home II
Cornucopia 2013, 4:04

Animation from footage taken in a historic thatched cottage in Granchester.Cornucopia evolves from the collection of things in this domestic setting.Projected from an old wooden ironing board on to the facade of the white-washed cottage.


NEUF: At Home I
Bio Déjeuner 2012, 9:14

Contribution and response to a central Cambridge town house. Screened in the kitchen above dining table. Filmed in France.


Eight to One 2009, 4:20

Collaborative film project as a member of experimental film collective NEUF.


Almanac 2009, 7:47

A collation of  images, observations and experiences selected from footage made over a long period . A jamboree bag of meanings.


ConSequence 2006, 5:10

A direct response to the proliferal in my immediate environment , the underbelly of daily life . . . . .  more


 Art Residencies



A Trolley of Ideas, 2010, 13:11

Commisioned fîlm. Addenbrookes Hospital playworkers working with two artists from CCI


Sculpture 2010, 1:58

Small film of reception children at a school working on a project with me.



Art Residencies 2010, 2:50

Images fby children from various art residencies where I was working as a creative practitioner

    Playful hands, 2005, 14:21

Commisioned film of two artists working on a month long project with early years children

    I Light You, 2004, 15:02

Commisioned film. Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination residency at a school for children with special needs.





Prometheus, 2010, 4:06

Pilot film of performance of Prometheus by Phil Knight



Claytime, 2008, 5:57

Commisioned film. Indefinite Articles show CLAYTIME.